Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to have my vehicle repaired at a Dealership or a Franchise Body Shop?

No, We, as a Independent repair facility, will repair your vehicle in a more acceptable time frame, and give you the same or better quality of repairs.  The same parts are available to Us as they are to a Dealership or a Franchise Body Shop.

Do I have to use the repair facility that my insurance company sends me to?

No, You have the right to use the repair facility that you are comfortable with.  Most insurance companies will tell you that they will warranty the repairs if you use a body shop that they refer.  However, the warranty is ultimately the body shop’s responsibility. If you choose our body shop we will give you a nationwide lifetime warranty, and we will stand behind our repairs as long as you own your vehicle without any intervention needed from the insurance company.

Can you save my deductible?

The answer to this question should always be No, because when you purchase insurance you agree to be a co-insurer of your vehicle, thereby making you responsible for a portion of the damages.  If a repair facility tells you they will save your deductible, they are surely not just going to give away money, so they must be planning on repairing a panel that should be replaced or maybe just not doing something to restore the vehicle back to pre-accident condition.  However, sometimes with the customers approval, there may be some things that can be changed or left off repairs to help with the deductible.

Will the insurance cover the entire cost of my repairs

The insurance should cover any repairs related to each specific claim. However any additional non-related repairs that you opt to have done while your vehicle is at the repair facility would be your responsibility.

Will you be painting all of my vehicle?

The insurance company will only pay us to paint the damaged portion of your vehicle, and in most cases to blend adjacent panels for a good color match.  If you want the rest of your vehicle to be painted, we are more than happy to help you, but it would be your responsibility to pay for the extra work performed.

Do I get a warranty for my repairs?

We will give you a nationwide lifetime warranty on all repair performed on your vehicle, for as long as you own your vehicle.

Will you be using all original equipment manufacturer parts on my vehicle?

Use of OEM parts depends on availability of alternate parts, age of your vehicle, and what is stated on your insurance policy (most insurance companies have a clause in their policy that allows them to use alternate parts for repairs).  However, we will insure that the parts are in good condition and fit properly.

Will the paint match?

Yes the color will match.  Blending adjacent panels is a good tool we use.  However, keep in mind painting metal parts versus plastic parts, colors may appear a little different simply because of the difference in the material and angle of light.

How long will the repair take?

Time frame for repairs will of course vary depending on the amount of damage to vehicle.  We use a formula of 4 to 5 hours of repair time for each business day that your vehicle is in the shop.  This is only a tool to be used to estimate time for repairs, not for a exact delivery date.  There are several factors that can cause delays in repairs: parts availability, hidden damages, accuracy in parts once they are received, or parts received at shop damaged.  In most cases, if we find hidden damage, the insurance adjuster has to be called back to the shop for a re-inspection of damages, this could add a day or two to the time frame of repairs, or even longer if parts have to be ordered.

Will my vehicle be test driven after repairs are complete?

We test drive all vehicles after repairs, to check areas that could have vibrations, wind noise, etc.