Authorization Forms

It is necessary to have signed authorization from our customers before any work can be done to your vehicle. Insurance companies and lien holders require this. Three forms are required, a Work Order, a Direction to Pay, and a Scanning Authorization. All required Authorization Forms can be downloaded from our website.

Work Order : Gives the repair facility permission to disassemble damage related parts of your car, in order to expose any hidden damage, and to perform repairs. This would also be required to have your vehicle towed to the repair facility.

Direction to Pay : This is required to authorize the insurance companies and some lien holders to direct the funds for the repair, directly to the repair facility. On some occasions, due to state laws, an additional form(Power of Attorney) may be required for the repair facility to deposit those funds.

Scanning Authorization : This vehicle gives the repair facility permission to electronically scan any and all systems on your vehicle. This authorization in necessary due to any personal data that could possibly be collected from your vehicle. Please read more about this on the form.

Work Order

Pre/Post Scanning Authorization

Direction to Pay